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Originally released on Transient Records on double vinyl and CD format. Cover painting by Tim Dow


Synergy: Blow by blow description

1. The Ultimate Sin

Apparently, Aldous Huxley once remarked to Timothy Leary that the original sin may have been the consumption of mind expanding plants "the eating of the fruits of the tree of knowledge". What is the apple? and what does it represent? The two "bridge" sections are what I imagined James Brown's rhythm section (Clyde Stubblefield and Bootsy Collins etc.) would have played after an apple or two.

2. Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster

The idea for this one was to create a groove to which, rather than stomping your feet to, you could wiggle your bum to. Incidentally, in case you didn't know, you are becoming an intergalactic fluoro funkster and in May 2012, all fluoro funksters will trancend this MEST (matter, energy, space and time) dimension and enter the ideational realm where James Brown rules and Bootsy Collins is Minister for sub bass.

3. Spores From Space (a microscopic trace)

Did magic mushroom spores travel across the void of space carried by solar winds? Or were they brought by benevolent extra terrestrials with our own interests at heart, with the intention of providing us with a tool to allay our self destructive nature? Or is this just a load of old cack? If so, Albert Hoffman must be an alien in disguise or at the very least, an undercover agent working for them.

4. Moonshine

You may have seen it yourself, A clear black night sky full of stars with the full moon casting greeny pinkish blue pearloid reflections upon the glassy waves as they arch over to break onto the beach at night. This track was inspired by just such an experience, New Year's Eve night/ New Year's dawn 1996/97 Wangamata, New Zealand (high summer). So beautiful it hurt.

5. Higher Access

This was an experiment in allowing the track to have a mind of it's own. I started with a fat and chunky groove, after which I followed or developed all of the "accidents" that I made in the studio that sounded good to my ears. My job was to create some order from the chaos by listening to what the track was telling me, then selecting those sounds and parts which were "asking" to be used. This journeyesque track is the result.

6. Turn On, Tune In...

Features the voice of the one time "most dangerous man in America" Timothy Leary, urging us to turn on, tune in and drop out of the destructive, competitive, consumerist rat race, and to follow our own spiritual path. Yep, sounds like the anti-christ to me. Especially designed for the more psychedelically inclined, with more emphasis on the shapes, textures and sonic spaces than on melodies.

7. Down At The Crossroad.

After an interview on a dance radio station in Greece last summer, Jez and I were taken to lunch by the radio D.J and a few radio staff. After a while of chatting, the interviewer asked in a rather concerned tone whether what she had heard was true, about psychedelic trance in fact being a devil worship cult. I looked at her in the eye and replied with a look of po faced seriousness, that it was indeed true, and if she was ever to come to the U.K. that Jez and I could take her to one and we could all worship the devil together. At which point she physically jumped about 2 inches off the chair as if I had suddenly sprouted a pair of red horns and a tail. I took the next 5 minutes explaining to her that I was joking and that it wasn't true. Poor woman to this day I don't think she believed me. I must say I thought the d.j.s and producers on the trance music scene were beyond such judeo/christian superstitions, looks like I was wrong. After all, I suppose the devil does have all the best tunes. Heh heh heh.

8. The Big Bang Boogie.

The original kick drum sound, the entire space-time continuum exploding into existence. On a recent tour of Colombia, it seems I couldn't escape the influence of Salsa music, seemingly emanating from every window and doorway in downtown Bogota and Cali. I gave them some trance, they gave me some salsa, seems like a fair exchange to me.


released May 1, 1998

Bilbo Bagginz (William Halsey)
Additional credits: Jim Cheese - Spores In Space



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cosmosis Genève, Switzerland

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